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We believe in nurturing our employee relationships just as carefully as we nurture those with our clients and suppliers.

Sand IT aims to be a strongly values-based workplace. As a team we work hard to carry the same principles that guide our client and supplier relationships – honesty, reliability, fairness – into our own environment.

In practical terms, that means:
• Upholding a culture of trust;
• Providing clarity in all aspects of our work environment;
• Nurturing our people both professionally and personally;
• Providing a space for openness and objection;
• Encouraging staff to see outside the walls and get involved in local projects.

We recognise that we’re part of a community and aim to contribute back to that community wherever we can.

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Sand IT

Interning and reskilling program

We know times are tough for many people. Our intern and workplace reskilling program is designed to give those finding it difficult to join or rejoin the workforce valuable training and work experience.

We aim to assist people into work by allowing them to:
• Develop new skills or sharpen up existing skills;
• Change paths into the IT industry;
• Build confidence and self-belief;
• Improve networking and communication ability;
• Make connections with possible future employers;
• Go on their way with an outstanding reference.

This might be by learning the cabling and network skills of our core business, or back-office skills such as sales and marketing or accounts.

Sand IT

Current opportunities

Roles we’re currently recruiting for:
• Marketing intern
• Office PA
• Cabling engineer
• Assistant/trainee cabling engineer

Send us your CV or drop us a line – we’ll be happy to hear fom you.

Find out how we can help. Talk to us on 0203 875 7600.